Un poème, par Alex Sanders

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Un poème par Alex Sanders

Un petit poème d’Alex Sanders dont on pouvait voir le manuscrit au musée de la sorcellerie avant qu’il ne brûle l’été passé, ce manuscrit fait partie des choses irrémédiablement perdues. Tof.

When I am gone
Into the far and distant land
And you can no more see me
Or hold me by the hand
This I wish
That you
Think of me
In a glory of a sunset
At the rising of the sun
In the cold dark time
When the cold Moon shines
When autumn tears strip off the leaves
And the early wintered leaves are frozen
And you
And I
Cannot cry
Except to wait for Spring
And Ice Queen and Snow Alder
Pristine Purity
floating around us
Melting our bodies
Into Spring